End of an Era!
Posted on 03/20/2018 @ 9:42 pm

“The time finally came! We are actually here in Madrid for the last show of the Rhapsody Reunion And Farewell Tour and the atmosphere is really particular as we know this is clearly the end of an era. For one very last time we’ll be hearing the intro running while warming up in the backstage, for one last time we will enter the stage and will play the songs of our reunion setlist in front of our beloved fans, for the very first time we’ll look at the lights fading down while being filled with a sense of emptiness… and at the same time, a monumental THANK YOU rising from our hearts and souls will be silently dedicated to you all, a deeply felt thank you for all the wonderful moments shared together in the name of RHAPSODY’s music and for having been our source of inspiration with your unlimited love and passion through these twenty cinematic years. Peace and Love to You all!””

– Luca Turilli


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